10 Games That Will Satisfy Your Frostpunk Cravings

Penelope Cook 05 Mar 2023
10 Games That Will Satisfy Your Frostpunk Cravings Image

Frostpunk is one of the best survival city-building games out there. It has become a cult classic for its deep and engaging gameplay that puts you in charge of managing a small settlement in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world. But if you're looking for something similar with its unique spin, you've come to the right place. Here are ten fantastic alternatives to Frostpunk that offer players a different take on this intense city-building genre.

Last Haven

The Last Haven offers players a unique blend of tower defense and city building as they manage their settlement within a barren wasteland filled with hordes of alien monsters. With its distinctive art style, intense battles, and intricate base management mechanics, The Last Haven provides an exciting experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Foundation takes players back to medieval times with its low poly art style and complex city building system. You'll have to find ways to make your kingdom thrive despite resource shortages, enemy raids, plagues, fires, and other catastrophes which can all threaten your settlement's existence. It's up to you how much control or autonomy you give your citizens - allowing them freedom may result in greater rewards and increased risk!

Kingdoms & Castles

Kingdoms & Castles gives gamers a lighthearted yet challenging experience as they struggle against Viking invasions while growing their city from humble beginnings into grandeur through careful planning and resource management techniques. You'll need plenty of patience here as each decision can directly affect your town’s performance in terms of food production, housing capacity, or military strength; it's all down to you!

Kingdoms & Castles game

Against the Storm

Against the Storm is another great option if you're after something similar to Frostpunk but with the added challenge due to hostile weather conditions such as sandstorms or hurricanes, which can cause damage and disrupt normal operations if not managed correctly. This game also features some RPG elements like hero recruitment which adds another layer of depth when trying to build a strong kingdom while recovering lost resources scattered throughout the land.


Planetbase puts players in charge of creating colonies on distant planets by constructing buildings and gathering resources necessary for sustaining life on these planets while dealing with various challenges, such as meteor storms or pirate raids that can throw off even the most carefully laid plans! The game offers plenty of strategic options, so those who enjoy crafting detailed settlements while managing numerous tasks simultaneously should feel right at home here.

Industries Of Titan

Industries Of Titan allows gamers to explore interplanetary colonization from another angle by giving them control over their industrial empire amidst competing corporations in a cyberpunk universe where success depends mainly upon efficient resource allocation decisions made during critical junctures throughout each playthrough. By taking advantage of powerful tools such as trade agreements, technology research, and advanced infrastructure upgrades, players must create order out of chaos to reclaim their former glory!

Industries Of Titan game

Empires Of Undergrowth

Empires Of Undergrowth throws players into ant colony management, simulating actual insect behavior, complete with swarms, workers, soldiers, etc. Allowing full customization over layout construction plus dynamic environments filled with predators seeking conquest, this title provides hours upon hours of fun beyond what any RTS has ever offered!

They Are Billions

They Are Billions combines the traditional Tower Defense strategy while adding procedurally generated levels, ensuring no two playthroughs are identical. As humanity stands at the brink of extinction, players must protect the remaining survivors from relentless horde zombies using whatever means necessary, including fortifications, traps, troops & weapons – failure won't be tolerated!

Endzone - A World Apart

Endzone - A World Apart combines classical base-building mechanics alongside elements found within roguelikes, where every run presents new challenges that guarantee unpredictable outcomes time after time again. Players must balance multiple factors ranging from food production through technologies and research upgrade structures to survive devastating meteor showers and nuclear fallout while learning to adapt to changing environments!


Finally, IXION wraps up our list, offering a mix of Civilization type combat combined with turn-based tactics resulting in epic clashes between futuristic armies vying for control over limited resources on planet Post Terra. Utilizing various strategies and formations deploying special units never seen before – those wanting ultimate test managerial prowess should look no further than IXION!

Whether you're keen on exploring new worlds through outer space exploration, trying to survive zombie attacks, or just wanting some classic city-building action, there's something here for everyone who loves games like FrostPunk! Make sure not to miss out on these excellent titles if they sound interesting, as they provide hours upon hours of fun combined into one epic gaming session!