76% Social Media Users Ready to Buy There

Joscelyn Kate 09 Mar 2022
76% Social Media Users Ready to Buy There Image

The quarantine years fostered online commerce when because of COVID-19 people started in mass discover online shopping. As social media ride this trend and integrate stores and digital shop windows, the users embrace it as well. And now over three-quarters of users are up for purchasing products on social media.

 The percentage of users actually making purchases there, according to Bazaarvoice, is lower. As research conducted in 2022 shows, so far about 61% of social media users have made at least one purchase after seeing the product in their feeds or stories. Some more users (65%) get inspired by what they see on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and, of course, Pinterest.

 For 60% of users, it’s not the social media per se, but certain influencers or (for other 60%) brands they consciously follow. 55% of users admit they shop by recommendations from family and friends with whom they also communicate through social media. 

 The lowest numbers in the research, though, seem to be the most interesting. 42$ users actively use social media for information gathering: this may include independent reviews of certain products or getting more detailed information than provided by ads. For 38% of the participants, their feeds and stories are where they actively look for items and products to buy. This means that social media advertising is embraced by a significant number of users not as irritating interruptions but as a type of content in its own right.

 As for platforms, they are about equally engaging in terms of commerce. There are differences, though: on YouTube, paid influencers' recommendations are as strong as nowhere else. Facebook delivers great recommendations from other users. Suddenly, Pinterest is not the leader but a steady source of information you either seek or run into unintendedly.

 And all the media can be a shopping inspiration. Is it for you? What interesting have you purchased on social media? Let’s boast in the comments!