Audio Recordings Get Improved in WhatsApp

Penelope Cook 06 Apr 2022
Audio Recordings Get Improved in WhatsApp Image

WhatsApp is working on a set of features that will hopefully take its voice messaging functionality to a new level. These include seemingly insignificant but valuable changes to playback as well as other aspects of handling audio recording. Other improvements are the ability to pause and resume recording whenever you think fit and preview the draft. Add waveform visualization, and you get an unprecedented set of bells and whistles to ensure you get the best possible experience recording and sharing your voice. Given the fact that WhatsApp handles over 7 billion audio messages every day, we expect user satisfaction to increase significantly if everything goes smoothly.

Out of Chat Playback is a new feature that enables you to listen to a voice recording without necessarily staying in the chat (also available with fast playback). You can also pause it anytime and continue due to the playback pause function. This might unlock your multitasking potential as you listen to a message while texting at the same time. Quite in line with this, you can also pause the recording and resume when you are ready. To help you follow the recording as the density of your speech changes, there’s a new waveform visualization. If you are anxious about how you will sound, you now have an opportunity to listen to your message before you hit Send.

Overall, it looks like WhatsApp has been investing a lot of research and engineering effort into its voice messaging functionality. It’s likely to keep enhancing it, too, since rival voice exchange apps like Clubhouse are on the rise. Are there any further updates we should expect from WhatsApp? Is there something it’s missing? You’re welcome to share your ideas in the comments section down below.