Blood Bowl 3 Launch Turns into a Disaster - Exploring the Reasons

Joscelyn Kate 27 Feb 2023
Blood Bowl 3 Launch Turns into a Disaster - Exploring the Reasons Image

The launch of Blood Bowl 3, the latest installment of the beloved sports strategy game set in the Warhammer universe, was supposed to be a celebration for its passionate fanbase. However, the game released on February 23 has caused disappointment and anger among players. In this article, we will look at the reasons of the Steam's mostly negative reception and the plight of the devs in the face of such a disaster. 

The feedback from Steam users is not flattering: Blood Bowl 3 has 27% of positive reviews on the platform, in comparison to its predecessor's 78% or even 90% when counting only the last 30 days. Gamers are accusing the devs of a lack of content, technical polish and wasting the extra time they had while postponing the game's release. Some even say that Blood Bowl 3 looks like an early access game and that they advise against buying it. 

These allegations are particularly bittersweet for the fans of the series, as Blood Bowl 2 was considered a solid game, which was improved by the dev’s after a poor launch and passionate fan-feedback. And yet, the third installment seems to lack the same level of commitment. Fans are aggravated by the game's current state and the fact that the devs have not responded with any meaningful changes. The only thing they've done for the time being is update the servers to prevent the game from freezing.

The situation looks grim for the devs, as the game is already receiving a lot of negative feedback from gamers. However, some fans still have faith that Blood Bowl 3 will eventually improve and become a good game with enough attention. The devs announced that they are aware of the game's current state and are doing their best to fix it. We may also expect a Nintendo Switch version of the game to be released later.

In conclusion, the launch of Blood Bowl 3 has turned into a disaster, and many fans are disappointed. The game needs more polish and an overall inferiority compared to the second part of the series. This may be fixed in time, as the devs are aware of the current situation and are working on improvements, but this remains to be seen. In the meantime, fans can buy Blood Bowl 2 or wait for the Nintendo Switch version of Blood Bowl 3.