Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies Are Returning

Penelope Cook 02 Aug 2021
Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies Are Returning Image

Many Call of Duty: Mobile players remember that the game was rolled out with a zombie mode that was suddenly removed from it in spring 2020. Back then, the dev team said the zombie mode wasn’t refined enough to match their high standards of quality. Yet the devs didn’t say a word on when or if slaying zombies on mobile will be possible via the game again. Now, the zombie mode seems to be returning, but in a slightly different form than you’re used to. Read on for more details.

Undead Siege, a new Call of Duty: Mobile mode in which the zombies will be ‘brought back to life,’ uses the Battle Royale map instead of the weave-based classic Call of Duty zombie style. Little is known about this update, but word has it that zombies are sure to make a comeback sometime in 2021. In Undead Siege, the players are dropped into the area in squads, and have to survive 5 nights within a team. Naturally, each night comes with tougher swarms of enemies. This new mode will come with a tower defense-style game-inspired learning curve, which means we’ll have to get to grips with some brand new stuff prior to pillaging the mode like happy zombie-loving champs. 

Wondering if the ‘classic’ Call of Duty: Mobile zombies mode is ever going to return? You’re not the only one. Everyone’s hopeful. However, the dev team is silent on the topic. Game fans hope that the new mode will serve as an introduction to the classic mode comeback. So, all evidence suggests that the Call of Duty: Mobile zombies are about to make a noticeable comeback, perhaps in a slightly different form than you remember. What are your thoughts on this? Have you missed slaying zombies like crazy while enjoying Call of Duty: Mobile? We sure have! Share your thoughts and feelings on the news in the comment box below. And don’t forget to bookmark this page for more updates on the zombie comeback!