ChatGPT is GM's Answer to Voice Assistants: a Powerful AI Tool for the Automaker

Joscelyn Kate 13 Mar 2023
ChatGPT is GM's Answer to Voice Assistants: a Powerful AI Tool for the Automaker Image

It looks like General Motors is looking to transform its vehicles with the help of ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI. Reuters revealed this news on Friday when it was reported that an executive from GM had spoken about exploring potential uses for ChatGPT in collaboration with Microsoft. On top of that, Semafor also reported last week that "people with knowledge of the product" had specified GM using Microsoft’s Azure cloud service – which includes a ChatGPT API – to develop a virtual personal assistant device for its vehicles.

Scott Miller, Vice President at General Motors, offered some details about this project in an interview with Reuters last week and said, “ChatGPT will be in everything." He explained how drivers could have access to information such as what action they should take when a diagnostic light appears on the dashboard or instructions for changing a flat tire (in video form) displayed through the vehicle’s infotainment system. It seems this technology aims to go beyond voice commands currently used in cars and provide more detailed assistance to drivers.

This announcement makes sense, given General Motors’ recent push into tech-oriented services like connected car platforms and driverless cars. With increasing competition from other automakers and tech companies who are investing heavily in automated technologies, it makes perfect sense for GM to make use of cutting-edge tools like ChatGTP too. Not only would this provide them with another way of staying ahead, but it also offers customers a better experience inside their vehicles – all thanks to intelligent assistants powered by AI technology like ChatGPt!

All signs point towards automobiles becoming more intelligent than ever – something which could benefit not just automakers but also those who own these intelligent autos! With powerful AI tools such as ChatGPt now being used by companies like GM, it won't be long until we start seeing virtual assistants embedded within our everyday rides, providing us with information at our fingertips while helping us get things done much faster than before!