Co-Op Combat Gets an Upgrade with Streets of Rage 4 Patch

Penelope Cook 14 Mar 2023
Co-Op Combat Gets an Upgrade with Streets of Rage 4 Patch Image

The classic beat-'em-up revival Streets of Rage 4 has just gotten a significant upgrade with over 300 tweaks, fixes, and balance changes. The long-awaited update brings some welcome improvements to the already popular side-scrolling brawler. Fans can now enjoy enhanced combat options, further refined characters, and the ability to hurl their co-op partners at enemies like some meat projectile.

The patch includes numerous quality-of-life improvements that will make a big difference while playing the game. The combo counter has been adjusted to be more generous when performing special attacks, allowing players to rack up massive combos and devastating damage in a single flurry. Additionally, each character in the game has received minor tweaks here and there that add up to make them more viable and enjoyable to play.

One of the most exciting additions is throwing your co-op partner at enemies for additional damage or as an area attack move similar to other classic beat-'em-ups like River City Ransom or Double Dragon II: The Revenge. This new move allows for strategic interactions between players that blend cooperative plays with intense fight scenes for an overall improved experience across all difficulty levels.

All these changes help bring Streets of Rage 4 into greater alignment with its retro predecessors while also improving upon them in ways only modern technology could allow for. With this patch now released, it is safe to say that fans have yet another reason why they should pick up their controllers again and dive into all this beatdown action once more!

Overall this patch provides plenty of reasons why people should return to the world contained within Streets Of Rage 4, even if they had previously completed it beforehand! With improved mechanics alongside brand new moves, available thanks to cooperative play, sure make this one exciting title that deserves revisiting!