Diablo IV Set to Introduce Yearly Expansion Packs

Penelope Cook 06 Sep 2023
Diablo IV Set to Introduce Yearly Expansion Packs Image

Rod Fergusson, the General Manager of Diablo IV, has confirmed in an interview with Dexerto that the game will be enriched with annual expansions. Despite Diablo IV's great success on Metacritic, there is no respite for the players, as they demand a continuous influx of new content. Fergusson outlined plans for multiple expansions in the pipeline as part of an effort to create a solid foundation for the future of the game and as critical components of their live service. Not just confined to annual expansions, this roadmap also encompasses quarterly seasons to provide consistent content updates. This comprehensive strategy is expected to keep the players engaged for many years to come, even if the release of Diablo V takes another decade or so.