Facebook Feed Faces New Changes

Penelope Cook 22 Jun 2022
Facebook Feed Faces New Changes Image

According to the new overview of Facebook strategy, there are more changes coming to the Feed. They will be major and will affect our daily experience. A meta-owned social network is looking for a better way to increase its popularity among users. While new social networks offer more advanced features, Facebook loses its dominant place among users.

Tom Alison, the head of Facebook App, Meta is trying hard to increase the presence of the content recommended by AI based on users’ preferences. The smart tool gathers only the most significant content for users, based on the popularity and your engagement with the previous materials. It does not take personal connections into consideration nowadays. This approach is quite similar to the way TikTok’s algorithms. The Chinese-based social network also provides videos based on popularity and engagement rather than on the network you have. Apart from that Facebook wants to start content sharing by introducing the messaging instruments on the interface you see.

According to Meta, Home users will see the balance between the unconnected and connected data. They will also receive simplified access to the Stories and Reels. Community Panel will be improved and provide you immediate access to all the communities you like. Meta points out that they are in the middle of testing the new access for the Feed. You will be able to sort chronologically and filter the content by Friends, Pages, and Groups. Developers that work on the new project call it Mr. T, and they believe they have reached huge progress with it. You can expect to see new changes coming soon, while the so-called “Mr. T” project is still in development.

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