Google Home Can Trigger When You Visit Places

Penelope Cook 19 Oct 2021
Google Home Can Trigger When You Visit Places Image

Google Home and Away Routines can now enter the trigger mode when you arrive at or leave certain locations. Let’ see how exactly it can be useful. 

Google’s Home and Away Routines for the house gadgets offer a new feature. Dubbed “When the user arrives/leaves”, it’s located under the Opening Routines category, which is available in both Google Assistant and Home App.

The option allows you to choose a certain location where it will go off. By default, there already are Home and Work in Your Places category. And you can add more of those if you want.

Google Home is a handy tool, which allows users to control various elements of their household: light bulbs, thermostats, alarm about something, surveillance cameras, and so on.

Now, as soon as you arrive home, the application can turn off the alarm buzzer, turn the thermostat to your favorite temperature suitable for the current season or turn on the lights in the living room.

However, it seems the feature still needs some testing and perfection. According to Reddit users,  trying to enable the feature would result in an error “Unable to save routine”.  

And other redditors mentioned that the app erroneously assumed that nobody was home and offered to activate the alarm, even though the family was actually there.

Yet, the feature provides some good advantages. For instance, the system can heat up the house in advance when it learns that you’re somewhere near: in a grocery store, at the kids’ school, a nearby gas station, and so on.

And Google Home has more handy features. For instance, via Assistant, you can broadcast an announcement to the entire family when it’s dinner time.  And an Ok, Google, help me relax common will fill your house with ambient soothing sounds.

Google has made another step towards “smarting” your house completely. What else would you like it to learn to do? Let us know in the comments!