Instagram Extends API Experience to Brands

Penelope Cook 12 Jul 2022
Instagram Extends API Experience to Brands Image

Instagram is trying hard to beat its constant rival TikTok, offering more options for the brands and their stores. Now, the company provides API access for the Reels from outside. The third parties will be able to post their Reels on the accounts, check the activity and connect to the audience with the Reels API service.

Brands will be able to try new opportunities in luring more clients. Instagram offers cross-platform posting. The Reels can be used by platforms like Sprout Social and Hootsuite. Once the feature is available, brands will be able to organize advanced social network posting, keeping track of all the posts that were made, users who liked them, and even those posts that are just scheduled. It will simplify the work for advertisers and can attract more businesses to Instagram. For now, there are no Reels available on these platforms.

Meta officials have released a statement explaining their decision. They announced that the new service is going to be officially represented starting June 28. Since that time, the company will introduce more content and new plans that might be helpful for users and their businesses. According to this statement, the company received numerous demands from the community of developers who believes that Reels can become the main priority in business. This is why they decided to make Reels available for everyone, even for those who don’t use Instagram as a native service.

According to the latest data, the API will provide the moderation, search for hashtags, and even scheduling of the content that must be included. It will allow checking the insights too. Meta has made Reels is a major priority, hoping to win brands’ attention.

Do you think that the new strategy may work? How often do you check Reels via Instagram? Express your thoughts in the comments below.