Instagram Is Fined by 405 Million Euro

Penelope Cook 12 Sep 2022
Instagram Is Fined by 405 Million Euro Image

Instagram has to pay 405 million euros for mishandling teenagers’ personal data. The company disagrees with this decision. Instagram plans to appeal the fine, considering that it was miscalculated.

A European court fined Instagram for violating privacy rules of teenage users. It was proved that Instagram mishandles the personal data of teens for some time. The investigation was led by the Data Protection Commission from Ireland. It revealed that Instagram shares the data of users from 13 years old to 17 years old. Although Instagram’s parent company Meta does not deny the allegations, they claim that the find was miscalculated and want to file an appeal.

While Irish authorities are trying to receive 405 million euro compensation for violating rules made by the EU, Instagram does not rush to pay it. The problem appeared when teenagers decided to switch their accounts to business ones and revealed their contact information. Users can switch to the business account in case they need to track the official stats from their own activities. This type is helpful to the business. Yet, it turned out to be a threat to the safety and Instagram has already removed the services in a wide range of countries.

According to the Instagram officials, they disagree with the Irish Data Protection Commission's conclusions since the investigation is old. The settings that they apply to are no longer there. Instagram says that they have changed the privacy rules for teens a year ago and the problem is old and now is fixed. Officials from Ireland say that there will be a detailed report revealed next week. We still don’t know whether Instagram is planning to clear its name completely by denying the accusations in court or simply wants to lessen the fine.

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