Netflix Tests Gamertags

Joscelyn Kate 31 Aug 2022
Netflix Tests Gamertags Image

One of the biggest streaming services is currently busy with a new project that includes gamertags. It looks like Netflix is trying to switch its focus on games and improve communication within it. Users will be able to update their profiles within the service once the testing is over.

Users may now customize the handles they use while playing games publicly via Netflix. They come in the gamertag style and will be visible to other players. Netflix’s progress was noticed by Steve Moser, a mobile developer, who leaked this discovery to others. According to the screenshots available, the new feature will help users to make unique accounts for fast identification. Once you notice a specific handle you will be able to track the person on the leaderboard.

The feature is available for some users already, who update their Netflix app and download any games. Netflix allows to create a specific game handle that is associated with the profile of the player and makes it visible for all the games the player has. The game handle, as well as Gamertag, has to be unique. Netflix will check whether the name is not claimed by other players before it will be given to you officially. You may consider something catchy and outstanding since other players may want to remember it. Netflix wants to make sure that it helps its players to communicate with each other easier. You may consider it as a statement you want to make. Your name and profile icon will not be visible to players and you can change the handle whenever you want.

There is detailed instruction provided by Netflix to users who want to customize the handle. You have to start by tapping Learn More. Netflix will guide you through the process and explain why you need to have a unique name and picture.

Do you play games on Netflix? Have you already created a unique handle? Express your thoughts about it in the comments below.