New Selection of Emoji Under Review for Inclusion in Unicode 15.1 Standard

Penelope Cook 17 Jul 2023
New Selection of Emoji Under Review for Inclusion in Unicode 15.1 Standard Image

Within our digital conversations, emoji have become an integral part of our expression beyond words. Credit for this widely accepted standard goes to the Unicode Consortium, an organization committed to preserving the international norm for symbols utilized in conversations. The assortment of emoji at our disposal keeps growing year after year, and this annual trend continues with 108 new emojis presently under review.

The draft for the Emoji 15.1 standard, scheduled to be finalized and released later this year in September, is now under examination by the Consortium. This body has been bestowed with the responsibility of reviewing all submitted emoji and thus plays a substantial role in shaping our digital modes of expression.

Interestingly, since 2019, there hasn't been a single occasion when any proposed artwork was rejected by the body. This consistent approval is a testament to how carefully curated and thoughtfully designed each submitted emoji is.

Given this track record, Emojipedia brilliantly predicts what new emojis the audience can anticipate across different operating systems, such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc., once final approval is granted by the Consortium. It gives us an exciting sneak peek at what will invigorate our digital communications on various platforms.

Complementing the already vast emoji library, a set of intriguing symbols is up for consideration. These new emojis are intended to provide an increased variety of expressions and objects, simplifying and enhancing digital communication. Users will soon be able to portray actions like head-shaking horizontally or vertically by simply combining an emoji face with an arrow.

In addition to these innovative gestures, fans of mythology and nature will have much to look forward to as well with the introduction of a phoenix bird, represented by a combination of bird plus flame emojis. For those who love cooking or just fancy food-related conversations, emojis depicting a lime and a brown mushroom seamlessly blend familiar symbols with colored squares to create these newest representations.

Symbolization extends towards more abstract concepts as well. A broken chain emoji, depicted using a chain link followed by an explosion symbol, suggests many potential uses showcasing disruption or severance. But it’s not all about individual objects and actions; there’s a thoughtful focus on family representations too. A variety of family silhouette combinations gives users the flexibility to further personalize their digital conversations.

The direction-oriented figure representation ushers in more inclusivity too. Not just walking or running folks (depicted simply by human figures), it expands into representing persons kneeling or those using mobility aids such as white canes or wheelchairs in different directions. This diversification epitomizes catering for all walks (and wheels) of life.

In conclusion, just like prior years' substantial expansion of emojis, 2022 seems to be no exception. If things go as anticipated after a review by Unicode Consortium, consumers worldwide will soon have further options to add charm to their online interactions thanks to these newly designed symbols under Emoji 15.1 standards.