Now You Can See How Furniture Will Look In Your Place with Pinterest

Penelope Cook 02 Feb 2022
Now You Can See How Furniture Will Look In Your Place with Pinterest Image

Pinterest continues to explore the try-on features for different items. Previously, users could try different beauty products and now it is time for furniture. The new update of Pinterest gives you an idea of how furniture and different home decorations will look in your place.

Pinterest collaborated with some of the biggest retailers, such as Target, Wayfair, Macy’s, and others, to bring over 20 thousand products to the online platform. The feature relies on AR technologies and works just like the previous cosmetic try-on. All you have to do is choose a piece of furniture and point your camera to a part of the room where you want it to go. You can see how it will look in your space in real-time. All the products that you can view as part of this update can be purchased, so if there is something that you like, you can easily buy the items online.

Pinterest is not a pioneer when it comes to using AR for buying furniture. In 2017, Ikea already introduced a similar system in their app and the company also offered recommendations according to your previous searches and saved items. Since last year, Pinterest are particularly interested in adding more tools for creators and AR can give an opportunity to influencers to create content based on the upgrade.

The AR for cosmetics has been quite successful for years now, so it’s more than likely that this extension to furniture will be widely accepted by the users of this app. Adding shoppable AR items to the service seems like a great foundation for possible metaverse transition in the future and the company’s head of engineering, Jeremy King, admits that they are ‘definitely watching it.’

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