PUBG Mobile Starts Next Star Program

Joscelyn Kate 12 Aug 2021
PUBG Mobile Starts Next Star Program Image

PUBG Mobile is looking for content creators. They offer a $100 million reward pool. The participants of the program will receive a decent salary, rewards, and training from the legendary developers. This program is not limited to one country and welcomes content creators from around the world. The company is willing to invest money into the professional growth of content providers.

Young specialists selected by the PUBG team will be able to see the in-game content before its release. Before the program rolls out worldwide, PUBG Mobile will test it on creators from South Asia, Middle East, Southern Asia, and Turkey. There is already an official website accessible for creators to enroll in the program.

Requirements for Content Creators

While everything looks like a dream come true for many PUBG fans, PUBG officials are not ready to blindly give the money away. You have to prove that you are a beneficial investment. Here are the main demands you have to meet:

  • Be an owner of TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch account with over 50,000 followers;
  • Love the game and be an active player;
  • Be present in social networks and add the content frequently;
  • Potential creators have to show their responsibility and care for the project.

Those people who enroll in the program have to wait for a final decision from the company. PUBG Mobile offers exclusive training in case they are accepted. They will be taught how to gain more audience and master their skills in content creation. PUBG Mobile will definitely increase the popularity of the game among the world community of players, attracting more users to join them via social media.

If you are one of the content creators who love PUBG Mobile and want to become famous, learn new skills, and earn money, enroll in the Next Star Program. This is a lifetime opportunity. All you need to do is to prove that you are passionate about the game and ready to learn from the best.