Sold: The “Among Us” Chicken Nugget for Almost $100K

Penelope Cook 10 Jun 2021
Sold: The “Among Us” Chicken Nugget for Almost $100K Image

It was necessary to realize how much of an obsession “Among Us” has become. The famous chicken nugget from McDonald’s is finally sold on eBay. If you didn’t track this story from the start, we’ll remind you that it started in May when the eBay user named polizna from Utah put it on eBay. The special thing about this nugget is its shape, reminding of the bipedal oval creatures appearing in Among Us.

The auction lifted the price of the inedible already nugget to the moon. Of course, it’s worth more as a collectible item. But that much more? The final price of the nugget reached $99,997.00, and on June 4 the precious piece of chicken was finally sold, after making a lot of noise on social media. Surprisingly, the seller did expect a rather high price, but not this high. It’s hard to help imagining this precious item being gently packed and delivered to the happy new owner.

The next time you’ll be playing Among Us, you won’t keep from wondering. Maybe the person who paid $100K for a piece of inedible chicken just because of their love for this game is now your teammate. That’s the Internet, connecting people across strata, making things everyone loves. Hey, McDonald’s, it’s not only your meals we’re loving.