Sons of the Forest: A Historic Launch

Penelope Cook 27 Feb 2023
Sons of the Forest: A Historic Launch Image

Sons of the Forest, a cooperative survival and horror play, made history with its Early Access launch, selling over 2 million copies within 24 hours. The developers of this small four person team expressed their joy by thanking those who bought the game and looking forward to the future of the game. Even though the game has a minimal marketing budget, it has managed to outsell one of the year's biggest games, Hogwarts Legacy. With a variety of guides and reviews coming out about the game it is no surprise why the play has been receiving such positive feedback.

The game has been receiving an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from players and the press alike. PC Gamer's Lauren Morton has made an interesting statement, describing the character Kelvin as the "best boy of video games". Meanwhile, Sarah James has been quite taken aback with the game’s ‘Big Head Mode’. The developers have also provided some handy tips to get the players started off, like ‘press E to eat’ and ‘don’t kill Kelvin’. 

The play has also been compared to the original Forest game, which gained immense popularity when it was released back in the mid-2010s. It has been praised for its unique feature of having the players carry around logs in order to craft items. This really emphasizes the amount of work that crafting and building things by hand requires.

In conclusion, Sons of the Forest is available Early Access on Steam for $30 and is definitely worth the money. With all the positive reviews, guides and tips available, don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this historic launch. The small four person team has really made a name for themselves with this one, and the developers have definitely outdone themselves.