TikTok Adding Stories to Its App for More Users

Penelope Cook 23 Mar 2022
TikTok Adding Stories to Its App for More Users Image

TikTok has been testing out the new Instagram-like stories, involving selected users to see the primary reviews. A new banner on your loading screen will signify the update of the app.

The company explained that it wants to bring change to the platform for its creators to have more ways of expressing their artistic notions. TikTok community has been growing perpetually, so developers need to roll out more functions to connect everyone.

The interface of uploading your story is similar to the regular way of creating a TikTok video. Users can try out different effects, sounds, and editing tools. Upon finishing the reel, it will hold on to your account for 24 hours and then disappear.

Unfortunately, the stories can be accessed only by clicking on a particular account while you are scrolling the for you page. This type of functioning is pretty uncomfortable because you can’t reach the clips of people you are subscribed to at once, as it works with Instagram or Snapchat. Although, previous pictures from beta-testing on TikTok contained a vertical bar where you could possibly view all of the stories. Perhaps, this could come in future updates.

If a person has uploaded a story, the account profile picture will have a blue circle around it, signifying new content. You can view the reel upon clicking on the account, from there, you will see the full story feed of the person.

It seems the new feature will be available to all users soon enough. This function is really important when it comes to more people engaging in the app. We will expect the official update to roll out in the nearest future, with all of the new content.

Will you use TikTok stories? What other updates do you expect from the app? Please, share your ideas with us in the comments below.