TikTok Introduces Instant Page for Easier Loading of Ads in the App

Joscelyn Kate 31 Jan 2022
TikTok Introduces Instant Page for Easier Loading of Ads in the App Image

Engaging with different businesses is one of the top priorities of TikTok, so it’s only natural that the company is looking for ways to make things more convenient for users. TikTok launches its new Instant Page shopping display that allows businesses to easier load their ads right into the application. The best part about this new feature is that the new landing page loads 11x faster than average pages.

The goal of TikTok with the update is to offer a faster and more straightforward loading experience to businesses that decide to use the application. Instant Pages may include various content, such as photos, videos, clickable buttons, and more. Users of the app can directly explore everything that a certain brand has to offer right in the app. The use of in-feed ads offers a more natural browsing process, as they don’t have to be redirected to another platform.

TikTok hopes that faster loading of pages will ensure that people won’t get distracted or frustrated and leave the page. These days, people are not used to waiting for pages to load, so this is definitely a smart decision on their part. When it comes to the customization options, the system uses the standard drag-and-drop modules available in TikTok, so it’s possible to change how products are organized and the entire layout.

The new Instant Pages feature is now available for adverts in the app. It is compatible with different campaigns that are based on conversation, traffic, video views, and more. It is interesting to see how effective this function will be and whether it will manage to keep the attention of users.

Do you use TikTok for promoting your business? What do you think about this new feature? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!