Toikido Releases Among Us Bean Costumes

Joscelyn Kate 22 Sep 2021
Toikido Releases Among Us Bean Costumes Image

Halloween is coming and there can’t be a better occasion to release a bunch of colorful Among Us costumes! The popular toy manufacturer Toikido knew when to hit the waves and already released them. 

One For Everyone

Quite surprisingly, the lineup of costumes includes models for both children and adults. As for the color range, you can choose from black, red, pink, and yellow, which are amongst the most popular astronaut colors in the game. The offer gets even more attractive when you find out that the bean costume is inflatable! All you need to do is insert 4 AAA batteries and go. 

Of course, the Amazon page already says that the costumes are out of stock, but we are expecting another big supply to come. Make sure to add it to the wishlist and monitor product status. The Amazon price for the entire costume is only $49.99, but you can surely find it for a higher price in some temporary stores that were lucky to buy multiple costumes for resale. 

It would also be great if the company launches some sort of pre-order and color selection option to make demand and supply meet. Hopefully, there won’t be too many of these outfits at parties around the country. The game is so popular after all! Wait, it will actually be great if many folks wear them. It will be difficult to figure out who is who! It’s a great way to play the game in real life and with a real impostor. 

Where Are The Hands?

Similar to the virtual astronauts, these costumes come without any visible hands! Fortunately, there are 2 hidden slits on the side so that you can bring your drink into the costume and have fun with the others. Have you already bought this costume for Halloween? Is it any good? Do you know where to get one except Amazon? You can reply in the comments and share this piece with other Among Us fans on social networks!