WhatsApp Rolls Out Video Call Links to Everyone

Penelope Cook 22 Oct 2022
WhatsApp Rolls Out Video Call Links to Everyone Image

One of the new features that WhatsApp gets with every update is Call Links. Announced back in September, now it’s starting to roll out to users around the world. This is one of the easiest ways to form a group video call on WhatsApp, the ability that makes it more competitive in the world of messengers and videoconferencing apps.

To create a Call Link, you need to use the button at the top of the Calls tab. Tap the “Create Call Link” line and then set it up. You can choose between voice and video calls at the beginning, though you cannot change the type while it’s in progress. Also, you can share the link directly from WhatsApp (to other messengers as well) and copy and paste it. If the recipients don’t use WhatsApp, there is no way they can join it; instead they will receive a link to install WhatsApp.

As you open your own link, you will be notified as someone joins the call. The calls are end-to-end encrypted, and there’s a message notifying you about it at the top of the screen. You can mute the call or turn off your camera at every moment during the call, as well as invite other participants. WhatsApp video conferences can place up to 32 persons, so you may add new ones if the call is long enough.

The start of the mass update has been reported by Android Police. The feature has been in testing for some time and available in beta versions on Android and iOS. Now it’s rolling out on both platforms, though the desktop version seems to still lack it. Instead, if you click the link on your desktop, it shows you the link that you can copy or the QR code that lets you join the call from your smartphone, with instructions on how to do it.

With this feature, creating a group call will be as simple as creating a croup chat. Have you already tried this new feature of WhatsApp? Did you find it useful and convenient? Share your impressions with us in the comments if you please!