YouTube for Android Got Two New Widgets

Penelope Cook 05 Nov 2022
YouTube for Android Got Two New Widgets Image

The YouTube app for Android devices received an update that added two handy widgets. Now interaction with the service has become faster and more convenient, thanks to quick access from the main screen of smartphones.

The first widget was named “Quick Actions.” It is a large control panel that has a search bar for all platform content, and you can use both the keyboard and the microphone. It also features the main tabs “Home,” “Subscriptions,” “Shorts,” and “Library.” Unfortunately, you cannot change their order or replace them with some other features. Moreover, when reducing the widget size, access to your library disappears from the list.

The second “Search” widget offers far fewer tools and is essentially a search bar with microphone access. It is an excellent option for those who prefer minimalism or already have enough widgets of other services on their screens. However, some users report that this option’s size cannot be reduced, i.e., it takes up the same amount of space as the previous one. It doesn’t seem like a common problem, so the developers probably won’t address it.

YouTube recently updated the design of the entire platform, redesigning the buttons and opting for rounded corners. In general, it looks fresher and more modern. The described widgets are fully consistent with the so-called “Material You” design and look quite stylish. This update is being rolled out gradually, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll have to wait a bit. Or perhaps you have automatic app updates turned off, which means you need to do it manually.

Do you use widgets? How convenient do you find YouTube widgets? How do you evaluate the new platform’s design in general and these elements in particular?