YouTube Music Coming Back to New Features

Penelope Cook 28 Mar 2022
YouTube Music Coming Back to New Features Image

YouTube Music added a function to shuffle and repeat your albums while casting in late February 2020. But, these options mysteriously disappeared after a short period of time. It is still unknown why this happened, but shuffle did return not so long after, although repeating stayed left out. It could be connected to some programming problems that needed to be fixed – we can guess all we want.

If you are an active user of YT Music on Android TV or Chromecast, you’ve probably noticed that casting wasn’t available for quite some time. Everything settled down by Friday, and streaming was up once again. Moreover, after two years of silence, users started to notice that the option to shuffle and repeat music also came back. It is exciting news for many people who prefer to listen to music on their TVs.

To access these functions, you will need to start casting to your device, and you will see the buttons down in the bottom right corner. They can be unavailable for a little bit, so you will have to wait for them to load completely, and then you can stream your music as on any other music service. Repeat is working both on Android and iOS, although owners of iPads will need to wait for a little while still.

We expect the updates to linger, as they are definitely pretty useful. Casting works normally right now for Google TV, Android TV, and Chromecast. You can enjoy listening to your favorite albums on repeat from any device. Maybe, the freezing earlier this week can be tied to the return of these features, but we can only guess. As for now, YouTube didn’t release any official statements, and users are quite happy with their new opportunities.

Do you often cast music on your TV? Have you waited for the return of these functions? Please, share your opinion in the comments below.