Gacha Life


Gacha Life is a game where you can create your own anime character and design their clothes, hairstyle and more.

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Gacha Life

There are many different types of clothes, hairstyles and accessories that you can choose from. There are also different backgrounds and scenery to choose from. The game is set in a town where you have NPCs. Some NPCs will have storylines that you will have to complete in order to move onto the next stage. There are also side quests that you can complete to gain gems that are used to gacha for rare items.


Gacha Life is pretty much a sandbox game, you get to freely roam around, you get to choose your character's clothes, accessories and even hairstyle. You get to chat with other characters and get to know their story. You get to collect gifts from the mini-games you play and even get to Gacha a rare character. The game is free to play, but it is heavily gacha-based.


The characters are cute, the backgrounds are well-drawn, and the outfits are very fashionable! I like the outfits in this game, and the fact that it lets you mix and match them to the characters is awesome! You can also customize the characters' hairstyles and eyes, add accessories, and much more!


The game has a strong social aspect and has a lot of replayability because you can create your own stories, play the gacha games, talk with the characters and so on. Also, there are a lot of different clothes to try on and the game is free, but you can pay real money if you want to buy in-game items.


If you love anime and if you love fashion, then you will love this game! If you are into gacha games, then you will love this game! If you like sandbox games, then you will love this game! In short, anyone who's into cute and fashionable anime characters will love this game!


  • Good character customization
  • Free
  • Multiplayer
  • Good music


  • No offline mode

Graphics 9

Sound 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 9

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