Gacha Nox


Built on the framework of the popular game Gacha Club, Gacha Nox is a customized mod developed by user Noxula.

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Gacha Nox

This free-to-play role-playing game stands tall in a line-up of successful mods such as Gacha Life, Gacha Redux, and the Gacha Club Edition. It offers an exciting variety of customizable assets and introduces several impressive features wrapped in a warm hue of pink.

While Gacha Nox can be considered a standalone mod, it is so much more than just an add-on to the original Gacha Club. The creators have gone a step beyond by introducing several bug fixes from the original game , thereby enhancing gameplay. If you're a Gacha Club lover, you'll find familiar elements, from the creative anime-style artworks to the characteristic gameplay sequences. However, new players need not be wary. Gacha Nox presents an engaging anime-style role-playing experience that could be considered an entirely new game.

A significant appeal to Gacha Nox lies in the range of customizable assets. Over 300 different options, including costumes hairstyles, pets, and accessories are at the player's disposal. The mod also introduces new backgrounds and foregrounds, some accompanied by original special effects , allowing for a truly immersive and personalized gaming experience.

The Gacha Nox developers stuck with an adorable, soft pink color scheme that distinguishes it from other Gacha games. This cherry blossom-inspired palette, aside from being visually pleasing, also sets the tone for a cozy and engaging gaming experience. 

Despite the praiseworthy additions Gacha Nox does have occasional hiccups. Specifically, the game could slow down at times, especially during certain on-screen animations. But these occasional glitches do not overshadow the overall appealing experience.


Gacha Nox isn't just a mod; it's a fresh spin on the beloved Gacha club. Whether you're a long-standing Gacha Club fan or a newcomer to the realm of Gacha games, Gacha Nox offers a unique and enjoyable twist on the original that's sure to keep you engaged.


  • Standalone mod, no need for third-party programs
  • Bug fixes from the original Gacha Club game
  • Over 300 customizable assets, providing a unique personalization experience
  • Pleasant pink visual theme.


  • Intermittent game slowdowns during certain animations
  • Mod availability is through third-party websites, not official web stores.

Interface 9

Features 8

Usability 9

Compatibility 8

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