Going Medieval


The Medieval is the newest game from the makers of the Age of Empires series with medieval-oriented gameplay.

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Going Medieval

The game is set in the Middle Ages Europe, with armies of knights, archers, hussars, and more, fighting with swords, pikes, and cannons. This game is a real-time strategy game, where players must manage their resources, build up their armies, and either destroy the enemy’s castle with catapults or take out their army with archers. 


The graphics are modeled after castles, towns, and forests of the Middle Ages, and the units within the game are modeled after medieval units. The game features a variety of units to choose from, ranging from cavalry to archers and, of course, the king and his knights. The game also features a variety of maps and terrains.


The Medieval is a real-time strategy game with units and buildings to choose from. The units can be trained and upgraded at the Barracks and then sent into battle. Buildings such as the Castle, which provides protection for your units and also your resources, can also be built. 

Your task is to lead your people to victory against your enemies. You can do this by building towns and villages, gathering resources, researching new technologies, and engaging in combat. The game has a very deep and complex game system with many gameplay mechanics to master.


The game features both a single- and multiplayer option. 


The game has a good amount of replayability, as the different maps and modes will keep the game fresh for a while, and the multiplayer component will allow players to play against their friends.

The game has many different feats to accomplish and things to try. The game does have some bugs, but it is not too big of a problem.


The Medieval game is a game with RPG elements, strategy, and resource management. The game is set in medieval time, which is also the name of the game. 


  • Simple, easy to learn rules
  • Easy to teach new players
  • Good amount of strategy


  • A little long
  • Luck-based at times
  • Players can't really do much in the next player's turn

Graphics 9

Sound 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 7

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