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Poppy Playtime
Poppy Playtime


Poppy Playtime is an indie horror game, in which you get to deal with demonically possessed toys and animatronics.

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Poppy Playtime

If you miss Five Nights at Freddy’s and your nerves are of steel — download Poppy Playtime! 


Even though Poppy Playtime on PC has a strong dose of indie in its recipe, it doesn’t feel like a half-baked, unvarnished title. 

On the contrary, It is a beautifully architected game, which brings a massive charge of nostalgia in its “Jimmy-Carter-era” aesthetics, diluted with a murky, frightful, and spine-chilling dosage of genuine horror. 

The acoustic ambiance of the game is a nice garnish to the visual component. You deeply immerse into your investigation thanks to the sporadic weird sounds of someone rustling behind your back, old creaky door hinges, and of course the retro infomercials.   


Poppy Playtime is a straightforward game. WASD, Space, and mouse do everything you need here. You just will need a minute or two to master the GrabPacks.


Welcome to the velvety 70s! A revolutionary toy — a girly doll named Poppy — debuted a few days ago, and… strange things began happening.

A cavalcade of suspicious events resulted in the entire personnel of the Playtime Corp. disappearing from the factory. And you’re the only one who avoided this scary fate.

You return to your used-to-be workplace to investigate the bizarre incident. But beware: back in the day, Playtime Corp. was very tight about protecting its secrets. So, the factory can be rigged with traps, alarms, and other “pleasant” surprises.

Luckily, you get to fiddle with one of its unreleased inventions — the GrabPacks. These mechanical hands are telescopic, so you can grab items from the distance and interact with objects that are hard to reach: levers, switches, alarms, and so on.

As you wander through the factory, you will run into scary, disturbingly looking toys here and there. At first, they seem completely motionless and harmless. The problem is that they just seem to be that way.

But now and then you won’t be able to ignore a sneaky and quick movement that your brain registers using the peripheral vision. The toys are watching you. And the worst part: they know that you know it.


If you install Poppy Playtime, you may be disappointed: there’s just one level to investigate. It translates to roughly one hour of gameplay. But it’s a good hour!

Besides, more chapters are to come to Poppy, considering its recent success on YouTube. And the story of the creepy little doll — who insisted in her mechanical voice that she was a living girl — is yet to unfold.

Bottom Line

The game is honestly and truthfully scary. So, if you want a dosage of good, quality heebie-jeebies, as well as a portion of smart, yet solvable riddles — download Poppy Playtime.


  • Scary
  • Nice retro setting
  • Good sense of humor
  • No outlandishly difficult puzzles.


  • Just one chapter
  • No Poppy Playtime for PS5.

Graphics 9

Sound 10

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 7

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