Poppy Playtime


Poppy Playtime is an independent horror game that invites you to grapple with eerily possessed toys and animatronics.

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Poppy Playtime

For those yearning for the chills delivered by the likes of Five Nights at Freddy’s and possessing nerves of unbreakable alloy — Poppy Playtime is a worthy download.

Though Poppy Playtime for PC distinctly imbues an indie aura, it is far from seeming incomplete or lacking polish. On the contrary, it is a masterfully crafted game that bestows a potent wave of nostalgia with its "Jimmy Carter-era" aesthetic intertwined with a deep, frightening, and bone-chilling essence of authentic horror.

Adding texture to the game's visual appeal is its acoustic backdrop. The game lures you into a deep investigation, amplified by occasional creepy sounds, rusty door hinges creaking, and the signature echo of old-school infomercials.


Poppy Playtime is a user-friendly game requiring minimal controls. With the WASD keys, Spacebar, and mouse, you can fully navigate the game. The GrabPacks feature might take a few minutes to familiarize with, but it's straightforward.


Transport yourself to the lush 70s! You are introduced to an innovative toy — a feminine doll named Poppy. Her release incites a series of unusual happenings.

A chain of mysterious events culminates in the Playtime Corp.'s entire staff missing from the factory. Astonishingly, you're the lone survivor.

Upon your return to the seemingly haunted workplace, you find yourself in an investigative role, exploring the peculiar incident. Be cautious, though: Playtime Corp. was infamous for their overzealous protection of secrets, meaning the factory might hide traps or alarms.

Fortunately, you have access to one of their unreleased inventions, the GrabPacks. These extendable mechanical hands allow you to fetch far-off items or interact with unreachable objects: levers, alarms, switches, and so on.

As you explore the factory, you will occasionally cross paths with chilling, grotesque toys. Initially, they appear static and harmless — but that's just a facade.

Occasionally, your peripheral vision may catch subtle and swift movements. The toys are observing you. The horrifying reality is that they know that you're aware of it.


After installing Poppy Playtime, you might be disappointed to find just one level to explore—an equivalent to approximately an hour of gameplay. However, it's a high-quality hour!

Nevertheless, additional chapters are anticipated, especially considering the game's recent YouTube success. The eerie tale of the little doll — who asserted in her mechanical tone that she was a real girl — is yet to unravel.

Bottom Line

The game genuinely exudes terror. If you're longing for a potent dose of frightening excitement and intriguing but manageable puzzles, Poppy Playtime is your go-to download.


  • Frightening
  • Appealing retro setting
  • Witty humor
  • No overly complicated puzzles.


  • No Poppy Playtime version for PS5.

Graphics 8

Sound 10

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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