Tips and secrets of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very interesting and exciting game that attracts tens of thousands of new players every day.

And even the time limit in downloading (the game is available only to several countries) does not stop them.

I write tips and secrets for Clash Royale based on my experience. I reached a rank in the top 5, being only level 7 (just moved to 7). Each newcomer will be interested in learning the basic chips, and so proceed.

Tips Clash Royale:
0. Most importantly, use the app Free Clash Royale Gems. So you can quickly pump your level and gain confidence in the clan.

1. The first thing faced by a beginner is chests. Open only silver chests during the day. This will allow you to speed up your development. At night put the Golden or magic. Do not forget to open free chests (they drop epic cards) and do not be lazy to earn ten crowns for another free chest. All about everything, you will take an hour of time, and the development will be almost non-stop.

2. Do not put all the” expensive ” troops in the set. Strong doesn’t mean good. Pick the best set in the deck, first see what would be something to defend, and only then what to attack. I saw a player whose average deck price was 2.3, and he could typically fight with other players, and quite often won.

3. Don’t worry, and it’s imperative. As soon as you start to get angry, you reluctantly everything will go wrong. In the Clash Royale is a significant focus.

4. Stick to tactics. Do you have a strategy, but your opponent won’t let you do it, because you have to defend yourself? This happens very often in the Flared Piano, take a chance, break the game, give your tower, attack it from the opposite side, often people are lost. You can either sink or swim.

5. TV Piano, look through this tab, a couple of videos before going to bed will not hurt. You will be able to emphasize the most necessary for yourself. It is advisable to look at those for whom you can repeat the deck.

6. Don’t waste heimstone early in the game on opening chests and stuff. In the beginning, I do not advise to buy a card for 2000 gold, because you will spend all of the gems, and they’ll come in handy.

7. Join the Clan, ask for a donation, ask for advice. By the way, when you first join the clan, you will get a 100 gemstones.

8. On Sunday the Epic “resurrection” in the store cards available is not three but six cards to purchase.

9. Experiment. It’s okay if you merge a couple of games, it’s an experience, and it is invaluable in any business, and Clash Royale is no exception. I scored one deck a large number of cups (top 5), decided to change the deck, began to lose and do not regret anything. This gives me more confidence in the arena, I get to know the cards better, and it is good. And return old deck I always will be able. Besides, it’s more interesting.

10. Enjoy. This is probably the most crucial point in the tips and secrets of Clash Royale as it’s just a game. And while you enjoy the game, you will succeed.