Top-5 Fortnite Alternative Games: Best Alternatives To Enjoy Epic Battle Royale Action

Joscelyn Kate 12 Feb 2023
Top-5 Fortnite Alternative Games: Best Alternatives To Enjoy Epic Battle Royale Action Image

Fortnite has revolutionized the battle royale genre since its initial release back in 2017. The game has become so popular over the years that it’s almost synonymous with the genre. In addition to Fortnite, there are numerous other games that present inventive interpretations of the battle royale genre and can provide an equally enjoyable experience. Here are five of the best alternatives you can play right now to get your battle royale fix. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends logo

Apex Legends hit the gaming world out of nowhere in February 2019 and went on to become one of the most popular battle royale games out there. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, this free-to-play game is set in a sci-fi universe and focuses on squads of three instead of solo battles like Fortnite does. Players must choose from eight different heroes called “Legends,” each with their own special abilities, and customize their load-outs with weapons and items found throughout the map. During a match, teams must work together to complete objectives, eliminate enemies, and gather loot, all while staying within an ever-shrinking safe zone or risk being eliminated by their opponents or by the powerful energy field known as “the Ring.” Apex Legends also features some great visuals and a deep progression system that rewards players for playing well, which makes it great for both casual and competitive players alike. 

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile logo

PUBG Mobile (or PUBG as it's often referred to) was released back in 2017 before Fortnite even existed and is largely credited with popularizing the battle royale genre as we know it today. It pits up to 100 players against each other on a massive island filled with weapons, vehicles, and other items they must use to survive while competing to be the last person standing at the end of each match. Despite having experienced various issues throughout its lifetime, such as poor optimization, PUBG Mobile has remained one of the most successful battle royale games due to its intense action, variety of maps, realistic gunplay, and customizable options that make it stand out from its rivals even now. 

Call Of Duty Warzone

Call Of Duty Warzone logo

Call Of Duty Warzone is another popular entry into the battle royale genre developed by Infinity Ward back in 2020 for consoles and PC platforms alike. This game takes things up a notch with larger maps filled with more than 150 players, each vying for supremacy against each other while racing against an ever-shrinking circle like in any other BR game but also having access to a wider range of weapons, perks, killstreaks, vehicles, airstrikes, field upgrades, etc. which makes every match incredibly intense no matter what skill level you’re at. The combination of an extensive selection of features and the remarkable graphics enabled by the Frostbite engine make Call of Duty Warzone a great choice if you're looking for something similar to Fortnite in terms of experience but want to maintain a high level of quality and features.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege logo

Rainbow Six Siege is another excellent alternative if you’re looking for something different than Fortnite. Since its release in 2015, this game has developed into one of the most well-known tactical shooters due to its emphasis on team-based battles and its tactical approach to each round. Players must select an operator from a multitude of options, each boasting unique abilities and equipment, and collaborate as a team to achieve goals, set up defensive posts, breach enemy strongholds, and eliminate enemies, all while vying against another squad of players in an intense confrontation. It’s also worth noting that Rainbow Six Siege is constantly being updated by Ubisoft, which keeps the game fresh and exciting for both new and veteran players alike. 


RUST game

Rust is a survival game developed by Facepunch Studios that takes place in an open world filled with hostile wildlife, other players, and various tools you can use to craft weapons and build structures with. It’s also one of the few battle royale games out there that offers an amazing single-player experience as well as an intense multiplayer mode where you compete against up to 100 other players in a last-man-standing match. The gameplay itself is quite different from something like Fortnite or PUBG as it focuses more on crafting, scavenging resources, building bases, surviving against the environment, and fighting off raiders rather than gunplay alone which makes it a unique experience for those looking for something different this time around but still within the battle royale genre. 


Fortnite might have revolutionized the battle royale genre, but there are many alternatives available now that offer their own unique take on this popular genre without sacrificing too much on the quality or features offered here. From Apex Legends, which focuses on team-based action, to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which started it all off, to Call Of Duty Warzone, which dials things up a notch with its expansive array of features combined with some truly incredible graphics powered by Frostbite engine or Rainbow Six Siege if you prefer more tactical shooting over running and gunning then these five games should give you plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for an alternative to Fortnite right now.