15 Minecraft Survival Tips and Tricks

Penelope Cook 22 Jan 2021
15 Minecraft Survival Tips and Tricks Image

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to explore, build, and destroy in a 3D block universe. The game requires players to gather resources, craft and construct tools and weapons, and build shelters that protect from monsters, hostile mobs, and natural hazards.

There are many things to do in Minecraft, but the most important thing is to survive.

Survival Tips and Tricks

Mine and gather resources

Mining and gathering resources are essential to survival. You must mine for ores, which can be smelted to create tools. You should also gather food and water to maintain health. 

In order to discover the right point for mining, you should dig down to bedrock and after that get back up 11 blocks, or you can press  F3 to dig until the coordinate is 11 — or just locate an adequately deep cave.

Build a shelter

Building shelters is also important for survival. A lack of shelter can lead to death from monsters, hostile mobs, and natural hazards. You can build a temporary shelter with dirt, but a better idea is to find a cave, build a shelter inside, and then seal the entrance. You should also find a good water source, in order to have a steady supply of water.

Stay hydrated.

Players must make sure to stay hydrated, by drinking water from a water source, or from an adjacent cauldron. Players must also eat food from time to time to maintain hunger.

Stay healthy

You should eat food to maintain your health, and drink water to avoid dehydration. Your health will gradually decrease as time passes without food or water. You can also use torches and redstone torches to create a light, but they will consume coal and redstone to do so.

Find an iron ore and coal

Iron ore and coal are both used to create tools and armor. You can find both by mining, or by searching caves.

Collect wood

You'll need wood to craft tools, weapons, and torches. You can find wood by chopping down trees or by gathering it from the surface.

Build a crafting table

Once you have collected enough resources, you should create a crafting table. This will allow you to craft tools, weapons, and other items.

Repair buildings

If players are not careful, they can break or destroy buildings in the world. Players must be able to repair structures to protect themselves against hostile mobs.

Craft a bed

A bed is a vital item in the game. Players can only have a limited amount of time without sleeping. Beds are necessary to avoid starvation or exhaustion. You can find wool in sheep, or you can create it yourself by dyeing sheep wool.

Craft tools

In order to mine resources, players must craft tools. Players can craft tools from wood, stone, and metal.

Defeat basic mobs

In order to defend against hostile mobs, players must craft weapons. Players can craft weapons from wood, stone, and metal.

Keep exploring

Always explore your world to find valuable resources and items. Exploring not only helps you to find resources but also to find new buildings to hide in and store your resources. So never stop exploring your world. You should avoid staying in one place too long because it may attract monsters and hostile mobs.

Keep inventory stocked

Players need to maintain their inventory. You should craft items and weapons to create space for resources.

Dig safely

You should be careful when you are mining to avoid cave-ins or lava flow. If after removing a block you see lava you should quickly build a strong block like cobblestone.

Stay in the light

Players should stay in the light when night comes. Players are vulnerable during the night. To avoid monsters and hostile mobs you should do your exploring during the day.

Final Thoughts:

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that requires players to mine and gather resources, craft and construct tools and weapons, and build shelters. Players must also drink water and eat food to maintain health. Players should also have a chest in their shelter for storing items. If you follow these simple tips you will definitely survive in this game.