A Paid Subscription Is Coming to Telegram

Penelope Cook 13 Nov 2021
A Paid Subscription Is Coming to Telegram Image

As it was reported, a paid-for subscription will be added to the popular messenger. It will allow users to remove ads from the channels they are subscribed to.

As Telegram reports, a new subscription plan will enable users to get rid of ads for good. At the moment, channels with at least 1,000 subscribers browse “sponsored materials”, which is an elegant euphemism for ads.

Although they aren’t way too intrusive, many TG users would love to banish ads from the app. The problem is that social media, except for TG and WhatsApp, have been rather overdosed on advertising.

The feature will become live this November. But it wasn’t specified how much the subscription will cost. All we know from Telegram is that it will be “inexpensive”.

With the subscription coming to the messenger, Telegram’s team assures us that user convenience, as well as prolific content creators, will remain the focus of the app’s attention.

Right now, sponsored materials are limited to just 160 characters. One of the strongest selling points of Telegram is that it claims not to retrieve any user data for commercial purposes.

In other words, you’re not being spied, while you’re using Telegram. And all ads that we see are solely based on the channel topics. This puts TG in a more positive light than Facebook.

The subscription feature is still under construction, though. There’s a lot “to be finalized”, according to Telegram. But it is expected we’ll get the first glimpse of the upcoming subscription before the New Year.

As for the ads in the message chats or other parts of its GUI, Telegram promises it will never happen. Plus, the app got a few new features recently: speed scrolling, more flexible admin control, etc.

Would you pay to remove the channel ads? What else would you like to vanish from Telegram? Let us know in the comments!