Apple Is Not Happy with Meta’s Commission

Joscelyn Kate 20 Apr 2022
Apple Is Not Happy with Meta’s Commission Image

Meta’s announcement that it is going to start charging a nearly-50% commission for digital purchases in Metaverse appears to have disgruntled Apple. A spokesperson representing Apple used an email to MarketWatch as a venue to express the company’s concerns with this policy. The email emphasizes the hypocrisy of Meta rather than the sheer size of the commission. This might be not that obvious unless you are aware of the background, but Meta has criticized Apple more than once for essentially doing what Meta is going to do right now.

A number of companies have taken aim at Apple for charging a commission of 15 to 30% on purchases made in App Store, ranging from media giants such as Meta to indie developer organizations. Spotify launched a full-fledged campaign to make Apple change its mind, and Epic Games didn’t hesitate to follow suit. Instagram and Facebook’s parent company Meta have always been among those who wouldn’t put up with Apple’s commission rates.

However, things changed abruptly when Meta declared that it is going to charge as much as 47.5% on digital purchases via Metaverse.

In its email, Apple mentions that Meta has often used creators and small businesses as a “scapegoat” due to its dissatisfaction with Apple’s policies. Now, reads the document, it will charge these very creators more than any other platform does. While it’s clear that there’s the pure rivalry between the giants behind these commission wars, it’s interesting to know how the public will receive the recent developments. Do you also feel like Meta has been hypocritical and has no right to up its commission fee like this? Post a comment to share your ideas.