Dead Space Remake: First Impressions

Joscelyn Kate 01 Sep 2021
Dead Space Remake: First Impressions Image

The original Dead Space had to be remade, so numerous fans heartily greeted the news about the remake in production. It’s still being developed by EA (though by Motive Studios, while the original was made by EA Redwood Shores). And at the very end of summer 2021, we finally saw some videos and stills.
As we see, the style of the game remains dark and claustrophobic, true to the original (and Alien (1979), the movie that undeniably inspired the makers). The location is still a mining spaceship Ishimura taken over by necromorphs – alien creatures perfectly suited to kill. You play as Isaac Clarke again, and the character is completely revoiced by the same person as before, Gunner Wright.
The voicing, though, may be the only thing that feels like before. The visuals are completely reworked. The corridors of Ishimura look realistic, with light and smoke contributing to the feel. Isaac’s mission is still to repair the ship while killing aliens is necessary but secondary.  
Various weapons have their own effects on necromorphs. Some of them have severe extremities and body parts, while others hit the skin and cause general damage. Anyway, it looks quite spectacular. This aspect of the upcoming game was shown in detail on models outside of the environment, so that viewers can focus on body physics. And it does impress.
To illustrate the changes, the developers even provided a direct comparison of the 2008 game and the one currently developed. They even disclosed the structure of necromorphs’ bodies, to illustrate how they are spectacularly destroyed, flesh ripped off the bones.
There is no exact release date so far. The game will probably hit the stores in autumn 2022. Hard to believe the first Dead Space appeared just thirteen years ago; so drastic is the difference in visuals and mechanics.