Delete Your Recent Search History With a New Google Feature

Penelope Cook 16 Jul 2021
Delete Your Recent Search History With a New Google Feature Image

The new Google feature was shown at the Google IO developers conference. This is one of the most important features that people require, according to Google. However, at the moment, it is available only for the iOS platform. Android users will be able to use the feature later in the same year.

Since not everyone wants to keep the Google Search history due to the amount of information the service saves, you are now able to use a new feature that will help you to swiftly delete the search history. Before the update, users could only set auto-deletion every few months. 3, 18, and 26, to be more specific. However, recently Google provided users with a feature that is accessible from the settings screen. You can now delete all the search history for the past 15 minutes.

To access the feature, you need to open your Google Application from an iOS device. After that, tap your profile and go to the settings menu. There you will be able to see the button “Delete last 15 minutes”. In addition, users can delete their search history by giving voice commands to Google Assistant.

You can also add an extra verification feature to the “My Activity” section for privacy purposes. There you will have to provide Google with extra information before accessing the full search history.

All in all, the new feature is going to make it easier for users to delete their search history. Hopefully, the same update will be released for the Android platform as soon as possible. What do you think about the new “Delete last 15 minutes” feature? Don't forget to share the article with your friends to keep them informed.