Explore the Best Alternatives Among Us and Find Your New Favorite Game

Joscelyn Kate 27 Dec 2022
Explore the Best Alternatives Among Us and Find Your New Favorite Game Image

Are you looking for a new game that can provide an experience as thrilling as Among Us? Then you’ve come to the right place! This article will give you an overview of what to expect from some of the best alternatives to Among Us. From mystery-solving games like Secret Neighbor to detective-focused games such as Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, this list has something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a game with similar mechanics or just a fun new way to pass the time, here are our top 5 picks for alternative games like Among Us. 

Secret Neighbor 

Secret Neighbor logo

Secret Neighbor is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game set in the Hello Neighbor universe. In this game, one player takes on the role of “The Neighbor” while up to six other players become kids trying to rescue their missing friend from inside The Neighbor's house. Players must work together in order to find keys, solve puzzles and outwit The Neighbor, who is always lurking nearby with his mysterious tactics and devious traps. With its unique blend of suspenseful stealth gameplay and intense co-op action, Secret Neighbor provides an exciting alternative experience compared with Among Us that fans won't want to miss out on! 

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments 

sherlock holmes crimes and punishments

If solving mysteries is your thing, then look no further than Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments! Here players take on the role of a renowned detective himself – Sherlock Holmes – as they investigate numerous cases across Victorian London by examining evidence and questioning suspects in order to assess each case fairly during their investigation before passing judgment at the trial phase. Players must use logic and deduction skills whilst considering all possible angles if they wish to catch criminals guilty or innocent alike. An intricately detailed world full of challenging cases awaits those brave enough to venture into it - providing more mature gamers with cerebral alternatives Unlike any other game like Among us out there today!  


Spy Party logo

SpyParty is another great choice when it comes to looking at something different than Among Us but it still requires strategy skill along with cunning wit to survive its challenges intact. One player takes on the role of the spy while another becomes a sniper attempting to uncover the spy's identity through observation over varying environments featuring dozens of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) going about their everyday routines amongst human players disguised search missions which they must complete without being detected otherwise risk losing round instantly. Additionally, both roles feature additional subplots entailing espionage warfare where spies must steal data files while snipers protect computer terminals making this among the most complex yet enjoyable alternatives around today truly stand test time!    

Town Of Salem

Town Of Salem logo

Town Of Salem is an online multiplayer social deduction based upon classic party board games similar to Mafia Werewolf It offers three distinct roles to choose from, including Mafioso Investigator Doctor, each having different abilities used during night rounds where players attempt to identify hidden members opposing teams before town votes them executed during day rounds thus resulting wins losses overall progress leaderboard .. Fun engaging characters coupled captivating storylines throughout make sure no two playthroughs ever same making perfect pick anyone seeking some old school style adventure mixed modernized elements not found anywhere else within genre!


Deceit game logo 

Deceit brings unique twist traditional murder mystery formula taking inspiration from horror films such as Saw, placing focus on finding the killer rather than playing the victim itself. In this first-person shooter up, twelve randomly selected infected viruses to cause them to transform into monsters intent to kill the remaining survivors across multiple levels full of treacherous traps puzzles need to be solved quickly and efficiently in order to progress further and survive against the odds win the match overall rank leaderboard. Utilizing an immersive atmosphere mixed with intense combat moments, Deceit provides a very refreshing change of pace typical titles alike, perfect for those seeking a thrill rush tenfold!