Gmail for iOS Gets a Widget That Shows the Latest Emails

Joscelyn Kate 12 Jan 2022
Gmail for iOS Gets a Widget That Shows the Latest Emails Image

Gmail is now a part of Google Workspace, and it becomes more and more convenient to work in. The new widget for the iOS version will let users compose emails quicker. With this widget, users will also see the latest received emails without any need to run the app. This is a great addition for those who actively use Gmail on their iPhones and iPads.

This is the second widget for Gmail. The first one (and the only one available for the moment of writing this) shows the number of unread emails, has a button for composing a message and a search bar for searching within the body of emails. This widget, though, does not show the content of the recent emails.

The upcoming widget, as reported by MacRumors, gets this fixed. If you need to quickly access the emails without the necessity to launch the app, with this widget this becomes possible. It’s not yet clear whether it shows the attachments if there are any, and whether you can proceed to a certain email from it instead of just opening the app.

The widget can be added to both Home and Today screens. To add it, long-tap the home screen of your iPhone, tap the “+” button in the top left corner, and choose Gmail from the list of widgets. The procedure, as you see, is standard. If the widget does not appear in the list on your iPhone, you’ll need to check for the update or wait until it arrives.

It’s another step to making Gmail a friendlier work environment. Recently, Google also added support of audio and video chats to the Gmail app. This update will be a welcomed addition first of all for active users that respond to emails immediately.

Like it often happens with innovations by Google, this widget will roll out gradually with the update of the Gmail official app. It may take weeks for the update to reach every compatible device. Have you already received it? Did it take a manual update, or did it appear automatically? And is this widget more useful to you? Share your impressions in the comments!