Google Is Phasing Out Assistant Driving Mode

Penelope Cook 18 Oct 2022
Google Is Phasing Out Assistant Driving Mode Image

This summer, Google completely shut down Android Auto and is once again cutting some features for Assistant Driving Mode. These tools had their drawbacks. However, this was a familiar option for drivers who do not have a car with a dashboard display.

Google said it is making significant changes to the driving mode. The Maps card will disappear from the dashboard. It was static and did not allow the driver to monitor the route in real-time. Also, in November, owners of phones with the Android OS will not see the dashboard view.

The Assistant, since launch, hasn't been perfect and hasn't been able to replace Android Auto. It provided a set of widgets and shortcuts, as well as a not-so-useful static map. The lack of synchronization of navigation with the dashboard and limited regional availability made drivers think about looking for similar apps with navigation.

Google decided on the changes because the dashboard did not provide a set of all the necessary functions (primarily related to navigation) to drivers. Most users opened driving mode through Maps. After opening Maps and during the journey, the driver cannot return to the dashboard. The navigation with destination and real-time directions was done directly in Maps.

The company will make the interface more convenient and logical. You won't need to open driving mode with a shortcut or voice command. Instead, you just need to use Maps when messages and calls are displayed as pop-up notifications. To interact with them, developers offer standard voice commands or icons on the phone screen. The app grid will also allow you to find the shortcut you need quickly.
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