Google Will Help Users Find Trusted Sources

Penelope Cook 04 Apr 2022
Google Will Help Users Find Trusted Sources Image

Google is working on updates to its Search and News services in order to help its users avoid misinformation. The most recent improvement dates back to last year when a feature was included in Search that notified users about stories that gain traction really quickly. Apart from that, the About this Result section was added. This is where you can find out where the information quoted comes from and decide how to treat it. The changes have been extrapolated to the News service as well now, applying to English-language search for news in the US.

Now, when searching for a piece of news, you’ll see information on how to evaluate it to make sure it can be trusted. The company has also shared helpful tips with its users, teaching them how to tell reliable sources from those you shouldn’t count on. The News App will not include a label in the Top Stories section that highlights much-cited pieces. This applies to interviews, investigations, press releases, and even local news. The primary purpose of this feature is to provide more context for what’s being covered by the media. At present, the feature can be found on English-speaking users’ phones in the US, while the rest of the world should expect to see it in the coming weeks.

The About this Result feature has also been updated to provide more information on the source publishing this or that story. To learn more details, tap on the breadcrumbs next to the search result you are interested in. Click More about this page, and you’ll find out what kind of website it is and what reviews it has been getting. Plus, this enables you to look for additional posts covering the subject. Do you feel like the addition to Google’s news functionality will help users filter out unreliable sources? Share your ideas in the comments.