Grand Mountain Adventure: Addictive Mobile Game

Penelope Cook 21 Aug 2021
Grand Mountain Adventure: Addictive Mobile Game Image

It’s getting hot in here, so play a winter game. The Grand Mountain Adventure is inspiring partly because it makes the player feel the cold of the snowy slopes. But there is something else about this otherwise simple sport-themed arcade that makes you spend hours on it.
The premise of the game is simple. You are a sportsman in the mountains, choosing between skiing and snowboarding, riding down the mountains afterward. Not the first game of this sort, because the physics of the process seems easy to implement. But certainly, it is the most addictive of them. What?
It might be about simple controls plus the challenging task (remember Flappy Bird?). Though the game asks for permission to use Bluetooth so that you can connect a gamepad, it's quite playable with onscreen controls. These are simple: use one or another stick to turn left or right, use both to jump up. You will never get your way straight for long enough because the tracks are twisted, so you need to watch it all the time.
Perhaps, it is all about beautiful sights? The 3D game looks incredibly big even on a smaller screen of an iPhone. But broadcast it to your TV, and you will feel the drive like James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me. Not bad for a purely mobile title, is it? Yet it won’t be purely mobile for long: the PC release is scheduled on Steam, if we’re lucky, in late 2021.
Or does the semi-open world make a crucial contribution? Probably. Not being an RPG, it borrows this element and incorporates it into an arcade sports game. Grand Mountain Adventure’s world is easy and fun to explore. When you run out of it, you want more; and that’s where microtransactions come out. It will cost you $6.99 to unlock all the locations after you explore the free first one. But if you do, you won’t regret it: this investment will provide you a lot of snow cold leisure even under the hottest sun.