Instagram Introduces New Anti-Abuse Measures and Content Filters

Penelope Cook 24 Oct 2022
Instagram Introduces New Anti-Abuse Measures and Content Filters Image

Like any popular social platform, Instagram constantly faces problems with abuse, hate speech, and misinformation spread by its users. Now it implements new measures against it. Though hardly will they eliminate the problem at all, these new steps can make Instagram the safer place it was supposed to be from the beginning.

Instead of centralized filtering, Instagram will enable users to easier handle banning trolls and abusers. With one of these new features, any Instagram user will be able to ban not only the account used by a bully currently, but also all the other accounts they have or may create in the future.

According to the statement by Meta, this measure will reduce the need for banning by 4 million weekly, as these accounts will be banned in advance. This number shows how widespread bullying and trolling is on Instagram, given that these 4 million are just a part of the total amount of trolls and abusers.

Another new security-related feature by Instagram will protect users from potentially abusive materials (messages, posts, or comments). It will automatically block comments to users’ stories if they contain offensive words. If such a response is sent from someone you don’t follow, it will automatically be placed in the Hidden Requests folder.

When we speak of words, it’s always a question of language. Along with the languages it has been functional with, filters now will work in some other languages, including Turkish, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Farsi, and Russian. As you see, four of these languages are widely spoken in India, which shows growing support for the Indian community on Instagram.

There will be more features making communication on Instagram healthier. What do you think about these measures? Share your opinion in the comments, and no offensive words please!