Meta Provides NFT Features on Facebook

Joscelyn Kate 13 Jul 2022
Meta Provides NFT Features on Facebook Image

Facebook has recently received more NFT display features. It looks like Meta is not ready to give up this trend and forget it for good. Although the hype may be decreased during the last months, Meta apparently hopes to bring new life to it. The company announced new display options for the social network.

Meta has posted screenshots with the new NFT displays. It looks like the users of the social network will be able to customize their posts with the NFTs. They will have to add the tag Digital Collectible. Even profiles of the users can be decorated with the new sign that there is a collection of non-fungible artworks, ready to be seen. You will be able to enter the section and check out the art.

Meta extended this plan to another social network. Users can reveal their NFTs via Instagram. It was introduced in May. The company released only the first stage of NFT artists’ support. This service allowed everyone interested in that particular art to tap the images and check out the ownership of the work, its creator, and its description. The information is also available on the public blockchain. Users who want to become the owners of the art can easily access it via Polygon and Ethereum exchanges. Meanwhile, owners of NFTs can use their accounts on Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Rainbow to sell the art. To do it, you need to have the tools and exchanges in the operations still.

Currently, all the NFT projects are going through a downturn period. The art gets under the influence of the new trends in the economy that can hit its popularity and ability to receive financial backup. Meta is bold by trying to restore and increase the influence of NFTs.

What do you think about Meta’s new plan? Have you ever created or bought NFTs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.