Multi-Camera Support for MS Teams Is Coming

Penelope Cook 01 Dec 2021
Multi-Camera Support for MS Teams Is Coming Image

Multi-camera features will appear in Microsoft's Teams soon. However, the know-how will be available not to all MS Teams users, but only to those who own the Teams Rooms gadgets.

Teams Rooms is a comprehensive hardware solution, designed for office space. Basically, it’s a number of gadgets interconnected between each other to make virtual conferences and meetings look and sound alright.

So, the feature will become exclusive for the Rooms systems like Surface Hub. Here’s what the option will do.

During a conference, participants will be able to switch between available cameras, choosing the feed and angle that they like. This idea is quite effective for presentations. Like, when you want to take a better look at a new product prototype.

Microsoft also felt obliged to mention via the Admin Area that the feature will be unusable if there’s just a single USB camera installed in your office. So, if you want your viewers to feel like a rock scallop who has 100 eyes, you will need more cameras installed.

The feature will be officially released quite soon. To access the extra camera feeds, a participant will need to:

  • Tap the chevron option, which is next to the camera icon.
  • Choose one of the alternative feeds.

At the same time, there will also be a default video feed — the network administrators will get a technical “privilege” to set it up.

As Microsoft states in the Roadmap, the feature will become live sometime in the middle of December. Update: this info might be outdated, as the Roadmap states that GA (General Availability) is set for January 2022.

With the multi-camera support, it will be much easier to host presentations — the visual component is their central pillar. But what other potential usages are for the upcoming feature? Share your opinion with us!