Overwatch 2 Players Raise Questions Over New D.Va Skin's Originality

Penelope Cook 18 Aug 2023
Overwatch 2 Players Raise Questions Over New D.Va Skin's Originality Image

Overwatch 2, the popular multiplayer video game by Blizzard Entertainment, has recently introduced a new D.Va skin that has sent ripples through its player base. This new addition, part of a collaboration with Korean glasses brand Gentle Monster, is priced at $25 and comprises a Legendary skin, a highlight, an icon, a card, and a charm. However, it's the Legendary skin that has particularly caught the attention of the players, who have noted a striking resemblance to a previous D.Va skin.

The new skin, named “Gentle Tokki Fuchsia (Legendary) Skin,” has drawn comparisons to the previously released EDM D.Va skin. The similarities were first pointed out by Reddit user grxief, who posted a side-by-side comparison of the two skins. Although the new skin features a lighter shade of pink, the design elements, particularly the shorts, appear very similar to the earlier skin, leading to some discontent among the players.

In the second part of the main body of the article, it's important to note that the controversy erupted soon after Blizzard announced the Gentle Monster D.Va Bundle. Players were caught off guard by the sudden announcement of this collaboration and the subsequent availability of the bundle. The surprise soon turned into skepticism as players began to question the originality of the new skin's design.

While the controversy continues to swirl, it's clear that the issue has struck a nerve within the Overwatch 2 community. Questions about originality and design integrity are important for players who invest time and money into the game. As the debate continues, it will be interesting to see how Blizzard responds to the concerns raised by its players. 

We invite our readers to share their thoughts on this issue. Do you see the resemblance between the new D.Va skin and the EDM D.Va skin? Do you think the new skin is worth the $25 price tag? Let us know in the comments below.