PUBG: New State to Introduce New Maps and New Year Freebies

Penelope Cook 06 Jan 2022
PUBG: New State to Introduce New Maps and New Year Freebies Image

When it comes to Battle Royale games, a new map is always an event to count days. PUBG: New State, the actual version of the famous BR game, is going to introduce a new map somewhere in the middle of 2022. And while we wait for it, there is something to decorate the game during the winter celebration days.

If you keep playing these holidays, you will be able to receive special gifts that include six chicken medals for unlocking various items and three new tickets for the new crate named Lord of Blood. Redeeming these gifts is easy if you follow the instructions provided by Krafton on its official blog. There you can find the redeem code to enter (to save you a click: the code is HAPPYNEWSTATE, and here is where you enter it). The code is valid until January 10, 23:59 UTC.

The new map is probably under construction yet, but the official screenshots from the official blog let you take a glance at it. There is a dense urban area probably in the center of the map, surrounded by hills and forests. The map looks quite spectacular and surely will provide numerous opportunities for applying various strategies.
In the meanwhile, after the winter holidays, Krafton announces some changes in the gameplay. Probably it will introduce new characters, weapons, items, as well as make a little rebalance to equalize chances and make all options equally attractive.

The new edition of PUBG will continue to develop to bring the best experience to mobile devices. The original version was released quite recently, and though it’s made for mobile devices from scratch, instead of porting the PC version, and boasts much better visuals, it still requires some improvement.

Have you already compared PUBG: New State to PUBG Mobile? Which do you like more? Have you already redeemed the code, and are you looking forward to seeing the new map? Share what you think in the comments, please!