Quick Guide on GTA Online Clubhouse Contracts

Penelope Cook 24 Sep 2021
Quick Guide on GTA Online Clubhouse Contracts Image

We all know how tough it can be to start your gangster way in GTA Online! It involves so much grinding and stuff to save enough cash and invest in a bunch of illegal businesses. Clubhouses are some of the easiest properties to start with and let you quickly gain money and reputation points. 

Clubhouse Contracts

Where to find the money for a clubhouse? Well, you can purchase a bunch of small cargo houses to start generating some passive income from various illegal deeds and save up. 

Next, you need to purchase your very first clubhouse online from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Gather a motorcycle club and become its MC president as soon as possible to reveal criminal career opportunities for solo and gang completion. These are called Clubhouse Contracts. Make sure to collab with real players registered in the same Motorcycle Club as you to complete group missions. It’s a great way to quickly earn extra RP and money to make further progress. All the players in the session will try to stop you at any cost, though! 

Once a clubhouse is open, the contracts can bring you from $12,500 to $34,000 per mission. It seems to be a great way to pursue higher ratings and reveal bigger investment opportunities. The best thing is that the chances to finish a contract barehanded are very low, which makes it a relatively safe investment. 

At the same time, we recommend you upgrade your bunkers, personal vehicle warehouses, and hangars to boost nightclub income. 

The Best Investment

Now you can clearly see how much opportunity is hidden in those clubhouses! Take your gun and make your way to the top! Have you already tried a similar strategy? Do you have better strategies to offer? Share this guide with your co-players and join the chat in the comments under the article.