Social Media Giant X Temporarily Hinders Access to Several Web Entities

Penelope Cook 16 Aug 2023
Social Media Giant X Temporarily Hinders Access to Several Web Entities Image

In an unexpected move, social media company X briefly delayed access to links leading to content from Reuters and the New York Times, as well as competitors such as Bluesky, Facebook, and Instagram. This report emerged in the Washington Post on Tuesday, following a series of tests conducted by the news outlet.

Users attempting to click on a link to any of the aforementioned sites on X were subject to a delay of approximately five seconds before the respective webpage loaded. Similar findings were reported by Reuters, which also conducted tests and experienced the same delay. The sudden delay, which seemed to affect only a specific group of websites, created a wave of confusion among users and industry watchers.

Further, the delay didn't seem to last long. By Tuesday afternoon, X appeared to have resolved the issue, and access to the links was restored to its usual speed. The social media company confirmed the removal of the delay but refrained from providing any additional explanation or context for the brief disruption.

While it remains unclear why X imposed the delay or what prompted its removal, the temporary hindrance has raised questions about the company's practices. As social media platforms continue to be powerful tools for information dissemination, any move that seems to limit access to information, even temporarily, can attract scrutiny. This incident underscores the need for transparency in how these platforms operate and manage content.

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