Telegram for Windows Updated, Privacy Improved

Penelope Cook 20 Dec 2021
Telegram for Windows Updated, Privacy Improved Image

The Telegram app for Windows has received an update that enhances its functionality in many aspects. It addresses security and privacy for regular users as well as advanced content protection for group and channel admins. For many, though, the most attractive feature is the possibility to edit chat history.

Channel and community admins will benefit the most from this update. They now can restrict access to the content they share. Telegram now lets them restrict possibilities like saving content on users’ devices, sharing it within or outside Telegram, or even making screenshots. This may help Telegram against frequent accusations of piracy and copyright violations, and admins can keep their audience more loyal as they want to review some content from their sources.

Admins of communities now can leave messages under the community’s name. It’s useful when you request to join a chat and then receive a message from the admin. Under this alias, you won’t have to wonder who this stranger is and why they are messaging you: the header tells everything. Admins can also participate in public discussions in chats and comments under their community’s or channel’s names instead of those they use privately if these channels or communities are connected to their accounts.

As for regular users, the most important thing for them is the possibility to partially delete chat history. You can now open the calendar in the history and remove conversations from certain days or periods, leaving the rest of the history intact. It’s way easier than deleting bulks of messages manually.

Telegram mobile apps have received this update a bit earlier, and now the desktop version catches up. Have you already updated your Telegram? Does it work well? Share your impressions about the update in the comments!