Telegram Is Going Monetized

Penelope Cook 26 Nov 2021
Telegram Is Going Monetized Image

Unlike similar messaging apps, Telegram did not have any monetizing plans. It was completely supported by its developer Pavel Durov. While the platform is getting more popular and continues to develop, it becomes obvious that one person can’t support it forever.

Last year Durov has already shared his plans on revenue generation. Back then he told me that Telegram plans to monetize big channels using the Ad Platform. He promised that owners of channels that will cooperate will be able to use the free traffic.
Recently Telegram confirmed its plans to launch the Sponsored Messages. This tool offers advertisers to promote channels they have. The new service is still in the test and is not available to the public. Once the tool is revealed, Telegram expects to cover all the costs on data centers and equipment with its help.

The work of sponsored messages is not that complicated. Messages will appear inside the channels, the major tools to publish messages and reveal them to the audience. Channels are not the same as groups. They offer you to get to the audience directly. Every post may be sent to the phones of users subscribed to the channels, as a notification. There is no limit to the number of people who can join the channel. However, not all channels will be able to send the ads. Only channels with 1000 members and more will work with sponsored messages. The ads will be related to the topic of channels they will appear in. Sponsored messages will not be shown in your private groups and chats. They will not be shown in the chat list. According to Durov, the new tool will help to organize ads' appearance on the screen that are already posted by admins.

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