TikTok Adds New E-Commerce Tools

Joscelyn Kate 05 Oct 2021
TikTok Adds New E-Commerce Tools Image

The TikTok developers expand the service's capabilities in the field of e-commerce and add more and more new tools for retailers and mobile marketers. Among the latter is the Creator Marketplace, which is a one-stop shop for brands to find creators for cooperation. To access it, your account should meet many requirements, for example, have more than 100,000 subscribers and contain the author's content exclusively.

With this tool, marketers gain access to a large amount of inside information that services such as Whalar, Captiv8, and Influential use to promote advertising campaigns. In particular, to find the right influencers, they can assess the target audience, its growth trends, demographic aspects, and other parameters in real-time. The Captiv8 testing has shown the real effectiveness of the new tool. Representatives reported an increase in key metrics such as views and interest in purchasing the products on offer.

Brands also got the opportunity to inform influencers about the Marketplace API so that users themselves can apply to participate in campaigns. It allows a wide variety of companies to quickly find their target audience, develop their brands, and adjust products to the requirements and needs of users.

Also, the developers have implemented tools that simplify the process of evaluating advertising campaigns, such as DoubleVerify and MOAT. These services increase ad viewability and security. Together with TikTok Shopping, all this takes the network to a whole new level.

TikTok is now one of the fastest-growing and emerging social and e-commerce platforms. If you own a company, you have the opportunity to find clients among a young audience. If you are a creator, blogger, or influencer, you can reach many interesting brands to partner with.